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Marmo Meccanica


Edge Profiler / Polisher

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LTN is a polishing machine for round edges up to 8 cm and flat edges up to 10 cm thickness. The LTN maintains the shaping principle by means of a single cup-shaped diamond wheel for all profiles and thicknesses. The oscillation system is driven by two motors connected and ruled by a single inverter, which allows mechanical simplification, reduced maintenance.

  • 1 CALIBRATING MANDREL to gauge thickness at an adjustable depth (max. 100 mm). The mandrel can be adjusted both laterally and longitudinally with respect to its supporting shaft; moreover, it can be rotated from 0° to 90°, and can also be used to carry out slotting for the drip stone. For Ø 250 mm tools.
  • 2 OPPOSING MANDRELS INCLINED AT 45° to cut chamfers and/or bevels of various dimensions. Whenever you need to carry out rounded profile edges, these mandrels, thanks to the use of specific diamond cone trunk grinding wheels greatly help the shaping made by the oscillating mandrels to the desired edge shape. For Ø 130 mm wheels.
  • 6 OSCILLATING MANDRELS of which the first two are ready to be equipped with cup-shaped diamond grinding wheels in order to carry out the shaping of the rounded profiles or the grinding of the flat, squared off or inclined profiles. The other four mandrels are equipped with polishing and smoothing abrasive grinding wheels. If necessary all the 6 mandrels can be equipped with abrasive grinding wheels. Other models derived from the standard LTN 621, by adding extra functional units, can be built on request. For Ø 130 mm wheels.

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